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Campaign notes: Bullet voting

Arrgh!Will progressives and minority voters bullet vote for Arroyo and Yoon (to help the former get more votes than Flaherty and the latter get on the council)? Will Maura Hennigan be able to pay off her second mortgage?

Meanwhile, the Globe makes endorsements in district council races - all incumbents except for Susan Passoni in the South End/South Boston.

Above right: Artist's rendition of Felix Arroyo, if Arroyo dressed up as a pirate for Halloween.


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Arroyo and Yoon are nice people but are not balanced enough to lead the city forward. Michael Flaherty is the only one who has been able to work with all of his colleagues and come to compromises that sustain economic growth while still preserving Boston's reputation as a truly liveable city.

You want to bullet vote, do it to Flaherty - just make sure its a vote and not a real bullet since he already had one come close to his person.

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