Damn you, Shank! You, too, Lucky!

Michael knows just who's to blame for Master Theo's departure for La-La Land or wherever: Dan Shaughnessy (specifically, his Sunday j'accuse):

The fellowship of the miserable survives this Halloween with Count Shaughnessy the leader of the blood suckers, who did his best to help run young Theo Epstein out of town so he can continue to ply his trade as the Dark Prince of Negativity, and extend his cottage industry with his new book, Death to Red Sox Nation. ...

Dan has a more sober analysis that nonetheless also points the finger at CHB and Larry Lucchino - as foretold last week by the Herald's Tony Massarotti:

... It's a good thing the Red Sox won the World Series last year. It's starting to look like it will be another 86 years before they win again. ...

More reaction:

Matthew: The Boston Globe Sucks

Beth: I feel like I'm going to puke.

Jamie says maybe it's time for Larry Lucchino to step aside:

... I understand Larry Lucchino has been very successful including accomplishments as CEO of the Red Sox, however, he is not the baseball mind that can put together a winning teams. The Red Sox ranked in the bottom 5% when it came to their minor league system prior to Theo joining the club. In three years, he's put together a minor league system that should bring lots of talent to the big club. ...

Witch City Sox Girl addresses Theo: I am stunned:

... You will be missed and although they say that everyone is replaceable, I've got to disagree in your case. ...

Sully: I’m sick:

... Pedro, Theo (heck Byrnes and McCracken too) and I am sure Manny can't be too far behind.

Must be a proud day for Lucky.

Craig: Thanks for the last three years!

Arielle feels betrayed by both Sox management and Theo:

Catastrophic. Catalystic. There are no words to truly describe this resignation. Shocking or stunning are not the right ones. ...

Chandler cannot believe the stupidity of Red Sox ownership.

Ron reprints the lyrics to "The Back Stabbers."

BostonIrish: Theo was the closest thing to a Belichikean GM that you could ask for...tight-lipped, professional, no excuses...just did his job and did it pretty well.

Sox1Fan: From Zenith to Nadir in Only 369 Days.

Copy Editor says he is a Sox fan no longer and adds: Dan Shaughnessy's column is written from one person's waste basket alone.

Jim: Say it ain't so, Theo.

Robert: So, will it be the Curse of the Theo that dooms the Red Sox for the rest of this century?

Count Rob in as a Lucchino detractor:

... There are times when I look up the VFW Parkway towards Fenway Park, then I turn around and look down Route 1 towards Gillette. The way the Patriots handle things leaves me in awe. The way the Red Sox handle things causes me pain.

More Theogate comments.


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