City council candidate to hold West Roxbury community meeting on property taxes

Tomorrow, in West Roxbury, Gibran Rivera is holding a community meeting on property taxes. Gibran is running to represent West Roxbury and Jamaica Plain (District 6) in the Boston city council. To be discussed are the estimated doubling of residential property taxes over the next five years, and why a minority of properties (47%) bear all of the city's property tax responsibility.

When:  Thursday, November 3, 7:00PM

Where:  Theodore Parker Unitarian Church, 1859 Centre St., West Roxbury

Among the solutions discussed will be revisiting the Payments In Lieu Of Taxes (PILOTs) that make it possible for institutions to be exempt from taxes, often despite the presence of profit-making entities on their premises.

Yes, I support Gibran. As someone who has been putting off buying a home until this market-gone-bonkers "corrects" itself, I admit that this is an issue of selfish importance to me.




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Are we all allowed to just

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Are we all allowed to just put blatant ads for our preferred candidates on this site now?

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Maybe I need to finally set up the calendar module

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In the meantime, I don't mind folks posting events stuff - yes, this particular event was political and sponsored by a particular city-council candidate, but it's open to everybody (what I *would* object to is "astroturfing," i.e., somebody posting something as part of a fake grassroots movment, but that's not the case here, either).

In a broader sense, sure, let's talk about politics on Universal Hub. No reason I should have all the fun in posting points of view.

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Yes, the post was meant to be an event listing.

Sure, the event is sponsored by a candidate, but, as Adam points out, anyone interested is welcome to join the discussion. While I don't feel particularly compelled to respond to snide accusations from someone hiding behind the curtain of anonymity, the post would have read something like this if I wanted it to be a "blatant ad":

Go to my blog to learn the truth about property taxes in Boston. It will radically change the way you think about housing, and set you free!

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