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Not all 30somethings mired in miasma of gloom

There's C.C. Chapman right in the second paragraph of the Globe's big story on how the recession is particularly hurting 30somethings; in fact, it calls them the least hopeful generation. Chapman reports mixed feelings on his above-the-foldness:

... What bothers me is while the article got all the facts right, it feels to me as if it is an overly negative article. Just look at the sub-headline which in my mind is completely false. Yes, me and my roommates (and others our age) have all been through some rough times and are going through them right now along with everyone else, but all of us were very optimistic and up beat when we did the interviews. All four of us in the article are actually very hopeful. ...

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huh? The article just says that the downturn is making 30somethings more cautious than they were.

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If you're in your 30s and you still have roommates (that don't include someone you're married to or in a long term relationship with) the recession doesn't matter, you've already lost.

Grow up junior! Is it four guys living in an Allston apartment together, trying to bang college girls? Go buy some Bob Marley CDs and have a drink at the sunset grill and tap. ;)

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