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The artist who hates Shephard Fairey even more than Boston Police do

Tufts Daily reports a performance artist teaching a course at Tufts considers Fairey such a hypocrite that he had his students make up posters with the express purpose of pasting them over a mural Fairey had put up at the student center.

The postings came about as a result of a project in an Experimental College course on performance art. Since their discovery and partial removal last Tuesday, they have sparked a Tufts University Police Department report and an investigation by Office of the Dean of Student Affairs. They have also provoked ongoing dialogue over free speech, the institution of marriage and about how the greater Tufts community engages and views issues pertaining to social justice.

Via Geoff Edgers.

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I feel like the Tufts Daily and Geoff Edgers treatment of the incident misses some of the more art-related issues confronted by the posters and the space Shephard Fairey took over for his mural on campus. For a more in-depth treatment, please see my essay here: http://ahistoric.blogspot.com/2009/03/shephard-fai...

Kyle Chayka
Tufts University '10

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