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Write to the Top

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I am taking MBTA GM Dan Grabauskas’s advice to heart. I am using blogspace to vent about the T’s inefficiency.

I can state unequivocally that I have never seen any service improvement due to my participation in the T’s “immensely popular” (with Mr. Grabauskas) Write to the Top program. I write to the top and get the same form letter each time.

Since many of us whole heartedly agree with Mike Mennonno’s Herald quote “You just don’t get very much reaction” with Write to the Top, perhaps it’s time we write to the very top? Let’s cc Mr. Grabauskas each time we write to the top and cc each formulated reply that we receive. Oh, and we may want to mention that this idea was generated through the community of blogers tired of the talking to the wall that is the “immensely popular” Write to the Top program. Then, perhaps it will be understood that T Rage type blogs are created because our voices are not being heard and customer service is not being delivered!

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