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What the Rihanna survey really means

Ghetto Uprising, who teaches in a local school, considers that Boston survey of teens on Rihanna and concludes that what it really means is not that many teens feel beating up women is OK specifically but that:

... [V]iolence is a logical, acceptable, even expected resolution to conflicts. maybe in their adolescent minds, aggressive talking and violation of physical space (assuming she did both) can warrant a beatdown for anybody: "Rihanna was prolly talkin' sh#t and all up in his face, so he f%cked her up." he might have responded like that to anyone who behaved similarly regardless of his/her gender or the context of their relationship.

of course, this assumption that she must have "done something" to start with is deeply troubling, but more troubling is their idea that someone could deserve such a severe beating for anything short of slappin' somebody else's mama.



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Breaking: 90% of all teenagers are and always have been completely hopped up on drugs and hormones leading to complete stupidity.

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