Accomplice of alleged drug-dealing MIT cop kind of interesting, too


Anthony Cristallo, arrested along with MIT cop Joseph D'Amelio on drug-trafficking charges at an East Boston garage on Saturday, is no stranger to courts and prisons, according to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office:

He was convicted of murder at 16 and spent 15 years in a New Hampshire prison, prosecutors said today.

He is also D'Amelio's cousin. Also: A man named Smoot may be the bridge between the pair and the drugs, officials say.

In 2007, Cristallo was arrested in Nevada on charges he was trying to help his father empty bank accounts before authorities could seize them as part of their investigation into the elder Cristallo's alleged dealing of prescription painkillers and meth.

Later that year, though, he and his sister opened an Italian restaurant in Derry, NH:

The brother and sister team firmly believe that their family run business, family atmosphere and the sense of family already evident among the staff will appeal to local residents looking for high quality food, great service and affordable pricing.

Meanwhile, officials plan to file charges against Donald Smoot, 52, the garage employee who signed for the package - which was delivered by a state trooper dressed as a FedEx guy, the DA's office says.

D'Amelio and Cristallo both pleaded innocent today at their arraignment in East Boston District Court, where Judge Michael Coyne set bail of $500,000 for each of them.

The DA's office provided this account of how the arrest went down at Advanced Automotive on London Street:

State Police narcotics detectives assigned to Conley’s office responded to a FedEx facility Saturday afternoon after the drugs were detected in a package sent from Florida to Advanced Automotive on London Street. With Boston Police detectives and federal agents assisting, a state trooper dressed as a FedEx employee delivered the package to an employee, Donald Smoot, who signed for it.

As police watched and listened, Smoot notified D'Amelio by phone of the package’s arrival. D'Amelio soon arrived at the scene dressed in his MIT Police uniform and driving a marked MIT Police cruiser. D'Amelio allegedly examined the pills and told Smoot that "My guy is going to want them all."

Officials say the package contained 340 OxyCodone tablets and more than 500 Roxycodone tablets in a variety of strengths.

Innocent, etc.




Anthony is a murderer

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He should of stayed in jail for the 25 years he was supposed to serve, But his father has money . Money talks and Bull ssss walks
I hope he rots in jail, He should be dead like anthony eposito
he killed him and his father hide the evidence , nice parents

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He should have been caught sooner

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His family ownes the building where his restarunt is which also houses a place known as the Friendship Center... AA and NA meetings are held there. Also where Anthony did most of his dealings of Cocaine and Pills. I mean really, what better place to sell drugs then to recovering addicts. I hope he finally gets what he has comming to him for putting all those drugs on the streets for kids... He killed a kid and now drugs them too... He have something against children? Rott in hell you son of a .....

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