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What to do with the BRA Memorial Hole in Downtown Crossing

A Proper Bostonian submits a proposal that would both fill the hole and solve the South End's problems with the BU Biolab.



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That's a cute idea, but the NEIDL is already built...what would this person suggest is done with that, and will that really make people happy to have it in the middle of another area with lots of people?

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Actually, Seth, I've thought about that. I believe that the South End community would benefit tremendously by retrofitting the biolab facility with all the original fixtures, bargains, and sales staff from the original Filene's Basement. I would personally crawl there on my hands and knees every Saturday if I stood another chance to find a pair bronze Ferragamo T-straps for $13.12 (and all of it donated to charity).

On the ground level, I think a mom-and-pop bakery, a Chacarero, and an Anna's Taqueria would fill the bill.

Thanks for taking me seriously!


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Not bad. Though, if certain city officials pushed for a BSL4 lab in a dense urban area, what better place than in the basement of their own building. City Hall already even looks the part.

Bonus: colocating with bioweapons scientists would quickly halt whoever has been stealing lunches from the break room fridge.

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