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Hennigan or him again?

John Connolly, or, at least, his sign, towers over other candidates at the Holy Name School in West Roxbury.

Around 8 this morning, the school, which houses a polling station with one of the highest turnouts in the city, was a beehive of activity. There were few voters, but plenty of politicians (and a Fox 25 news crew), all of them ignoring that quaint law requiring them to stand, oh, 75 or 150 feet away from the entrance to the polling place. Incumbent at-large Councilor Steve Murphy and wannabe at-large Councilor Matt O'Malley bracketed the stairs to the entrance (O'Malley even introduced himself to voters exiting the polls).

Murphy anxiously awaits the next voter:

What would an election-day hotspot be without a visit from Hizzoner?

"Be right back!" one voter seems to say as Tom Menino (left) and Steve Murphy (right) man the stairs to the entrance:

If all the activity got you tired, you could drive over to the Conley School in Roslindale, where things were a bit quieter:

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So, I'm looking at these photos and wondering if they will serve as good evidence for anyone who wants to make a case of flagrant violations of the state law that prohibits campaigning, signs or literature within 150 feet of a polling location entrance? Last time I checked, Boston wasn't exempt, but no one seems to care except me.

When I voted this morning, I made a quick note of all the people standing near the door, crowding it actually. I ignored them all, and one of the hangers on even "casually" followed me in the door to hear my name and residence. I couldn't see any other reason for him to be in there. He wasn't there to vote or check the voting tally. While I was voting, I scanned the names and voted for those who didn't get in my face, except for mayor. The candidate I voted for had someone out front, but that was one I couldn't change. There's really no alternative in my mind. Besides she wasn't grubbing for votes like some sophomore running for class president. I also blanked my district councilor because he was unopposed and he hasn't fixed my street.

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