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Election notes: Will Menino overhaul city government?

The Globe wraps up the results and quotes former City Councilor Larry DiCara that this mandate will let Menino restructure city government (as opposed to his previous mandates?).

The Herald also provides a wrap-up. Its former councilor of choice is Michael McCormack, who gets off a good one about the election being a replay of David and Goliath, only this time Goliath had a howitzer (note to bostonherald.com: Could you guys buy another hamster? The one powering your Web site this morning seems awfully tired). Hennigan tells the Herald she might run again.

On the City Council side of things, don't count on sweeping changes since only one newcomer (Yoon, profiled by the Herald) gained a seat. John Connolly got squeezed between the new-Boston Yoon supporters and the old-line Murphy voters. But while turnout among minorities once again rose (helping Yoon and Arroyo), yuppies once again largely sat on their oh-so-toned asses, dooming the campaigns of people like Susan Passoni and Gibran Rivera. All this leaves Adam at the Phoenix feeling let down.

Eileen McNamara says would-be Republican governor Kerry Healey could learn from Hennigan's failed bid - how to avoid being trivialized.

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