Burying the lead

The Professional Media Critic finally weighs in on Theogate. For the most part, Mark Jurkowitz's long piece tells you absolutely nothing you couldn't have read last week on, oh, Boston Sports Media Watch, although it could prove useful as a handout for new immigrants from Kansas or Mars who don't know why local sports fans keep cursing this Shaughnessy guy. Curiously, though, the one thought-provoking new idea comes all the way at the end, in the very last paragraph:

... How come with all the manpower devoted to covering the Red Sox from spring training through the playoffs, we never really got a whiff of the serious - and ultimately decisive - tensions between Epstein and Lucchino until the contract talks blew up? Isn't that something that journalists in regular contact with the team for more than six months should get wind of and make part of the ongoing coverage? These days, the exploits and activities of the Red Sox regularly make page one, the business pages, and even the gossip columns. Where were the city's aggressive sports media on what turned out to be the most important off-field story of the year?

But at least he did finally write about it. The other people who get paid to write about Boston-area media, the little tyros at the Weekly Dig's Media Farm, once again ignored the biggest media story in Boston, preferring instead to pick on silly headlines and quotes in the Herald and the BU student newspaper.

My standard newspaper disclosure.


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I actually think the best

By Chris on

I actually think the best observation is in the paragraph before the bit you quote, the sentence about the Herald's self-mythology veering into self-parody. Though I can understand why Universal Hub wouldn't want to wade into those waters again...

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Curly-headed what?

I'm not sure the story will help folks from Kansas, either. There's a picture of Shaughnessy captioned "curly-headed boyfriend", but no explanation of how he got that nickname or who gave it to him.

The real reason people dislike CHB is that he's a nattering nabob of negativism, at least when it comes to the Red Sox. And he was able to milk the "Curse" nonsense for much too long.

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