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World's most boring tourist attraction a bit more interesting from the air

Plymouth Rock

Third Decade photographed Plymouth's famed little rock while on his first helicopter ride.

Copyright Third Decade.

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I think everyone has the same reaction when they visit the "rock" for the first time--is that all there is?

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Not much to see, but it actually has an interesting story. It used to be much bigger, but people chipped away at it over the years for souvenirs. Pieces were carried off all over the country to town halls, museums and homes. Chunks were used as door stops and paperweights. It finally split in half, and had to be repaired by a mason. And yes, there actually was an original rock when the Pilgrims landed, and there's a very good chance that the one on display is what's left of it.

The story of the Plymoth Rock is really the story of the American people looking back at their history and looking for their roots.

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John McPhee wrote about the repairs to Plymouth Rock in "Irons in the Fire."


Very interesting. In fact, the rest of the essays are just great.

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