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How a scaredy-cat fraud from Atlanta almost took down Chez Vous

Chris Farone details the near closure of the Chez Vous rink thanks to an Atlanta rapper who took all its money in advance, then refused to give it back because Dorchester was too scary for him or something:

... My guess is that the marginally talented spoiled punk was too much of a lazy coward step off his tour bus, or he was never on it in the first place. Either way; he's a fraud who has little regard for the tremendous repercussions of his arrogance. Lil Wayne pulled the same shit last year at the Garden, but while Live Nation can rebound from such nonsense, Toney landed in quite the pickle since Bow Wow's degenerate handlers refused to return a nickel. ...

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...so Bow Wow was paid upfront for services which he never rendered? Isn't this grounds for a lawsuit? Perhaps somebody might take such a case pro bono if this establishment is such a beacon to the neighborhood?

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That would be great. If anyone wants to get in touch with the people at Chez Vous please feel free to contact me ([email protected]) and I'll connect you.

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