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What Would Goldenstash Do about Swine Flu?

Kerry brings us the amazing news (at least to those of us committed to the hermit's lifestyle) that you can now get Goldenstash bandanas and that they make excellent facial coverups in these days of Swine Flu Code Red OMFG We're All Going to Die:

What would Goldenstash do? Probably, buy a couple bottles of Cold Duck, invite some ladies over and wait for the apocolypse. I hope you do the same.

I wonder what I could get from my respirator, the one I still have one down in the basement from my Operation Replace Half a Wall in the Bathroom?

Jenny Frazier, meanwhile, tweets she is feeling bad for the intern at work today:

Her project? Tracking down local suppliers of surgical face masks for a group. They want 15,000 of em.

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In case you were wondering, his followers want to shut down the Massachusetts State House, because what we think was a pandemic-preparedness bill passed by the state Senate is actually an emergency measure to lock us all into our houses except for when the jackbooted thugs in state government want to break in and stomp on our faces because they can:

All Americans, call the governor of Massachusetts, the Massachusetts public health commissioner, all the state senators and state reps and tell them that as Americans that this bill they have passed violates the constitutional rights that residents of Massachusetts have as US citizens, and that it is therefore illegal and enforcement would be criminal. Also tell them about the dangers of untested vaccines, about the history of this, about how the government should listen to doctors and let them do what they are qualified to do, not senselessly order them around. The fact that this thing passed unanimously indicates to me that either the state legislators were panicked or not paying attention. Shut down their phones, telling them they must immediately repeal this horrible law.

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However, Paul is a licensed medical doctor, so his take on things - NOT necessarily his follower's take, I should add - could be interesting.


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