Josh Beckett - The next great thing at Fenway?

ESPN reports the Sox will send shortstop Hanley Ramirez and a couple of minor leaguers to Florida for starter Josh Beckett and third baseman Mike Lowell.

Seat 21: This is huge.


... [Beckett] has been placed o the DL on seven separate occasions IN THE LAST FOUR YEARS! Yikes! He has won more than ten games a grand total of ONCE in his career (15 W in 2005)… he has NEVER pitched 200 innings in one season… and he hasn’t averaged a strikeout per inning pitched since 2003. Furthermore, and most disturbing, his pitching splits are VERY problematic: 10-2, 2.47 at pitcher-friendly Pro Player Stadium and 5-6, 4.31 on the road —- in the National League (tantamount to 4-A ball)! ...

Freddy acknowledges that, but says:

... In exchange (for hot prospect Ramirez) they receive a player who if nothing else should provide more offense than Kevin Millar last year and a pitcher who may be on the verge of breaking loose as a star. I need to think more on this but for now, I like this deal a LOT.


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Yankee Killer

By Rob on

Beckett = Yankee Killer (see 2003 World Series). Nuff Ced. This is a great deal.

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