Cars off Comm. Ave.!

John admits to occasional drives to places only 3/4's of a mile away. But he starts thinking about how to encourage more foot traffic in Boston after reading about a proposal to ban cars on New York's Broadway: Are there streets on which cars should be banned? Besides Washington Street in Downtown Crossing, that is?

... Now, first off, you're thinking, well, that's stupid. But, really, would things be worse if roads were to suddenly disappear? We live in almost a continuous state of gridlock, anyway. I mean, I was stuck in a traffic jam on Albany Street at 1:30 AM, the other night. Not fun. ...



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my first choices

are Newbury Street and Hanover Street. I can't think of a good reason for anyone to drive down either one. Both are full of pedestrians who generally move much faster than any drivers foolish enough to be there.

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