Jerry Falwell threatens Hub over 'Holiday Trees'



What I wish the city had said to Falwell

something like:

"In case you haven't noticed, this is a blue state. We don't care in the least what you think. You have as much in common with the people of Boston as Osama bin Laden does. So, go away and stay away."

What Falwell is doing is

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What Falwell is doing is contemptible, but the fact that Kerry carried Massachusetts in '04 is completely irrelelvant to the point. Declaring John Kerry to be our Lord and Savior would be just as unjustified as kowtowing to theocrats with lawyers.

Maybe I'm naive

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 ... or maybe it's just 'cause I'm a Jew, but I thought Holiday
Tree Lighting on the city calendar just meant Tree Lighting for the
Holiday (Season).  I'm totally clear that it's still a Christmas
Tree and never thought the purported "title" of the event meant that
the tree was now being called a "Holiday Tree."  In any event,
it's never the wrong time to say "Hey, Jerry, bite me!"

Bite me, for sure

By jason on

From the Herald story:

"Calling a Christmas tree a holiday tree isn't being inclusive. It's disenfranchising people of faith. It's like calling a menorah a candle stick," said Mathew Staver, Liberty Counsel's president and general counsel.

Incorrect, because a government that is seperated from the church has no obligation to celebrate a specific religion in public. Have a christmas tree at home, if that's what you want. In public, no.

Well if that's your attitude

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Well if that's your attitude Jason, then we shouldn't have religous holidays off at public schools. And don't hide behind that nonsense of calling it winter break or spring break. That bullshit started when we got all PC about calling it Christmas and Easter vacation.

Pick up a book. Not everyone

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Pick up a book. Not everyone celebrates Christmas. We are a very diverse country that is unfortunately dominated/bullied by a strict christian faith. It is not bullshit and being PC -its called tolerance and coexistence. That is what should make America great. The holiday tree is a step in the right direction! Way to go Boston!

you foolish people are all

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you foolish people are all so insecure that you are trying to ruin christmas for everyone else. celebrate whatever you want, or nothing at all. the majority of people love christmas, but a few hardcore liberals have their panties in an atheistic knot over anyone mentioning the word christmas - as if our society is going to fall apart if kids believe in SAINT NICK.

Tell you what - you give me

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Tell you what - you give me 1 concrete reason why saying "Happy Holidays" ruins Christmas for anyone, and I'll change my mind. Fair?

P.S. - I would say that the INSECURE people in this situation are the ones that are so very terrified of losing ground that they refuse to honor anyone else's traditions.

You Liberals Are All Hypocrites

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give me one concrete reason why "Merry Christmas" offends you. Does "Happy Hannukah", "Happy Kwanza", and "Happy Ramadan" (sp) offend you? Will you next petition these religious groups to water down their holiday? I doubt it. Celebrate whatever holiday you wish, just don't pull a nutty when some store has a "Merry Christmas" sign. I thought all you liberals were tolerant and celebrated diversity.

where and when did this happen?

I don't recall seeing any stories in either the Globe or the Herald about people objecting to a "Merry Christmas" sign in a retail store. Can you tell us more about whatever incident you are referring to?

PC Run Amock or Amuck, Liberal Hyjinx or Hijinx

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we are at the point now that every corporation is soooooo afraid of offending anyone that they will turn back 2005 years of tradition (just kidding) and banish "Merry Christmas" from any advertisement or signage. Lets be honest - as much as people say its "Happy Holidays", we are really celebrating "Merry Christmas". Hanukkah, Kwanza, and Ramadan are not being celebrated. All the parties, gifts and celebrations are as a result of a Christian holiday. Its a fact, and any effort to repudiate it is just liberal trickery and tomfoolery.

Hey, let's ban non-Christians!

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Kick 'em all out. This is a Christian country, goddamn it and those heathens have no right to share it with us.

Oops, guess I better pack my bags, since I'm not one of you.

What? Stupid argument? No worse than claiming companies are banning "Merry Christmas" and then getting all upset over a strawman argument raised by some sanctimonious tired old fat guy who needs a new cause to raise money over.

Are you calling Santa a sanctimonious old fat guy?

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that comment RE Santa is a good example. but seriously, have you not noticed that all the major chains have changed from "Merry X-Mas" to "Happy Holidays"? all company parties are now "Holiday Parties", not "Christmas Parties" (except mine). That being said, I am no fan of Jerry Falwell. He has a compound in South Carolina that is bigger than a small town. He has duped many people into contributing money to his personal luxuries, much like Jesse Jackson. If anyone ever really digged/dug/dugged into it, they would both be in jail. but i digress. As a non-Christian, do you agree with changing advertisements and marketing to "Happy Holidays"?

My company used to have Christmas parties

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Then the dotcom bubble burst and now we speak fondly of the days when we used to have Christmas parties.

As for companies switching ads from "Merry Christmas" to "Happy Holidays," I could care less - they both mean the same thing to me. No, I am not offended when somebody I don't know wishes me "Merry Christmas."

Tell me: Why are some Christians so insecure in their faith that they feel compelled to threaten lawsuits that, if successful, would mean the end of the First Amendment?

its not about being insecure

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its not about being insecure in your faith. Christmas is hardly even a religous holiday anymore. its about not watering down one of the biggest gathering of family and friends people look forward to all year.

And saying "Happy Holidays" changes that how?

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How does a department store, say, wishing customers "happy holidays" water down your big celebration? And if Christmas isn't religous anymore, then hasn't Christ already been taken out of Christmas? Mountains, molehills.

The reasons for "Happy Holidays"

I see two good reasons for retail stores to say "Happy Holidays":

1) They want non-Christians, and more particularly us Jews, to shop in their stores at this time of year. "Happy Holidays" says "we're happy to take your money, too."

2) "Happy Holidays" spans the entire season from Thanksgiving, through Christmas and Chanukah and the Winter Solstice, to New Year's Day (and maybe even to Epiphany).

In Russia ...

... it would be not a Christmas tree, but rather a New Year's Tree. New Year's comes first on the calendar there.

You Are Insane Ronald Newman

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what is wise about avoiding the issue??????? that is insane. insane insane insane. substitute "wise" for "gutless". cant you see past all of your liberal/sanctimonious horse shit and see that Christmas, wheteher this is good or bad, represents more than the birth of Christ? its about celebration, coming together, giving gifts to those you care about (or feel obligated to give to), and (sometimes forced) family time. for the vast majority of people it is not a religous holiday, but a reason to look forward to one of the coldest and darkest times of the year. you are a fool if you think a "winter party" in jan or feb would have the same sense of spirit. i suppose you advocate changing the name of the X-Mas tree to a Holiday Tree or a Winter Happy Time Tree or a Festivus Tree or a I Hate Anything to Do Whatsoever With Anything to do With God Tree. I respect ones atheistic views, i really do. but this is beyond ridiculous.

Anyone who posts as

Anyone who posts as 'Anonymous (not verified)' should avoid using the word 'gutless' when replying to a named person. End of story.