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NECN now more Comcastic

The Globe reports Comcast is buying the piece of NECN it didn't already own.

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That would explain the 6+ minute long comcast on-demand commercial in the middle of the "news" yesterday morning. It was a blatant promotion for Comcast on-demand very thinly disguised as an interview, or some kind of entertainment report. It was so lame, like watching an infomercial. I wouldn't have watched the whole thing but I had no idea it was going to go on and on as long as it did, I kept waiting for the weather, or sports, or news, or something.

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Lobsters, sailboats, Appalachians,
Arriving late into South Station,
Celts, Pats, Bruins, Red Sox Nation,
Bunker Hill Day? On Vacation.

Traffic jams, no road maintaining,
Car horns honking, much complaining,
Pols corrupting, hacks campaigning,
Always cloudy, always raining.


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I assume that the reason why Comcast On-demand offers just WGBH-TV and WCVB-TV and no other TV stations was the fact that Hearst and Comcast were partners. Now that that's no longer the case, could this mean no "Chronicle" or WCVB Newscasts on-demand in the future?

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