They could get thrown in jail for what they did - oh, wait a minute ...

The Globe reports Middlesex County had to evacuate inmates from the high-rise jail in Lechmere today after some inmates managed to break the sprinkler system and flood the facility.

Around 5:30 p.m., Vumana tweeted:

Just left petco in cambrdge -heard all the jailbirds from middlesex jail hooting and hollering as they get evacuated


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The Money Stat

According to the Sheriff's office, the Middlesex Jail was built to hold 160 prisoners. The prisoner population as of Sunday was 403.

Sounds like overpopulation is playing a role in both the spread of the flu and the riot potential.

Keep in mind that many of these prisoners are being held pending trial - they have not been convicted of anything.

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you can bet

that the people held in here waiting trial are criminals that have had 20-220 previous chances to not be arrested. I don't want anyone to feel too bad for these people.

Of course, if they aren't being treated properly in are living in an unsanitary enviornment then we should rethink about building another prison in Middlesex County.

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That may be the case, Pete

I merely pointed it out because some people around here have some pretty harsh notions of punishment which are easily extended to overcrowding and epidemic conditions. Crowding = more punishment = good.

Thugs though they may be, the people detained awaiting trial are being detained at this point in their journey through the justice system, not punished. They are still technically innocent.

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