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Gorilla marketing backlash: Boycott the zoos

Cleary Squared writes the anti-PETA publicists running the local zoos need to be taught a lesson after their killing-fields stunt over the weekend.

The Outraged Liberal doesn't go that far but writes legislators need to take a step back and carefully consider what to do about this latest plea from Zoo New England - which has been on the brink for a couple decades now - before simply giving them everything they want.

David Bernstein considers what might happen if other organizations adopted Zoo New England's tactic:

... Administrators of the Greater Boston Food Bank now say that, despite earlier predictions, they are now "reasonably confident" that state lawmakers will be spared the sight of the Charles River running thick with the corpses of Massachusetts's emaciated children this summer. In a statement released today, the Food Bank says that they can probably keep the state's most vulnerable children fed for two months on the meat from euthanized zoo animals.

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...we close the zoos entirely. Those animals that can live on their own in the wild should be set free in an appropriate environment; those that can't can be give away to other zoos animal prisons that will house them, tear down the pens and cages and turn the land into parkland.

There's just no good reason to have a bunch of animals cooped up in cages, and generally in climates that don't suit them, purely for our entertainment and (supposed) edification. And just jor the record, I am not a member of PETA, nor do I agree with them on much of anything; I eat meat, and I've been known to have pets, so please, spare me your comments of that nature. I'm not an extremist here; I just don't like seeing animals in prison.

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Kill all the tasty ones first, then sell the rest to the highest bidders.

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