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Felix Arroyo's campaign contributors

The Globe recently reported that City Councilor Michael Flaherty, who topped the at-large ballot last month and who might run for mayor in 2009, raised two-thirds of his money from outside Boston.

Interesting as far as it goes, but dagnabbit, why didn't they also tell us where Felix Arroyo's money came from? After all, he came in second on the ballot last month and he might run for mayor in 2009.

So naturally, I downloaded Arroyo's financial records from the state Office of Campaign and Political Finance so I could see the rest of the story.

Through Nov. 3, Arroyo reported $125,968.25 in donations (so about a third of what Flaherty raised). Of that, $41,017.25, or about 33%, came from what the Globe would describe as "individuals who live in suburban communities or out of state." In other words, he got a bunch of that money from people living in places like Cambridge and Brookline - just nowhere near as much as Flaherty. He raised about $22,417 from people in Puerto Rico, almost all of it apparently from a single party or event on Oct. 24 (he reported no Puerto Rican donations at all before that date and only a handful after).

Unlike Flaherty, who counts developers and people doing business with the city as non-local contributors, Arroyo's non-Boston money comes from a spectrum of do-gooder types, professors, liberal Demmies (a staffer for Barack Obama, for example - oh, and Deval Patrick) and some union officials.

But Arroyo did pick up some change from people who might have business before the city. Unlike Flaherty's, these came many from people who work for various social-services agencies. But Robert Beal, president of the Beal Companies (which owns offices buildings around greater Boston), did give $1,000.

But it's hard to say where all the money came from, since a lot of Arroyo's contributions don't have professions or employers attached.

Arroyo himself gave $500 to his campaign (he described his profession as "constituent services").

If you want to play with the numbers yourself, go to the link above, then click on Search Contributions.


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Interesting numbers, Adam. So it sounds like double the proportion of Flaherty's money as Arroyo's came from outside the city. Also interesting to think about the absolute amounts--as the Phoenix reported a while ago, Flaherty spent far more per vote than Arroyo or the other elected at-large councilors.

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