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Welcome to the neighborhood

H2Otown is all Watertown all the time, powered by local blogger par excellence Lisa Williams. So if you live or work there, rush over right now.

Note: Lisa's using Drupal, the same community software we use here at the Hub, so she's obviously good people :-).


Like the job UHub is doing? Consider a contribution. Thanks!


I was really waiting for the right toolset to come along -- there's a new Drupal hosting service called Bryght, sort of Typepad for Drupal.

I really wanted Drupal for the workflow stuff, so that it's easy to promote users to being able to submit their own stories to the front page. I'll keep plugging away and see what elapses.

Feel free to reuse & recycle all the stuff over there! My aim is to try to dig up the stuff that's tough to find online but useful, like the trash regs, go to a few meetings. School committee should be good for a few yucks

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How long does a guy have to wait for admin approval for an account over there? ;)


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