Favorite writers of Boston mystery and crime novels

Today's Globe reports the sad news that William Tapply, author of the wonderful Brady Coyne series of mysteries set in Boston, has died at age 69.

Tapply's Coyne has been my favorite Boston mystery series. Coyne is a lawyer with a private investigator's instincts, and his practice -- based in a small Back Bay office -- leads him into all sorts of interesting situations.

I don't know if others here are fans of Boston-based mysteries, but if so feel free to shout out your favorites.

In any event, here's to William Tapply for some great reads.





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not as quirky; definitely not "British"

Coyne is a PI dressed up as a lawyer. Not hard boiled, not soft boiled, kinda middle boiled.

There are 20+ books in the series. I started somewhere in the middle, read frontwards, and some backwards.

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SOme of my favorites

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Well i hav only read a few, but i really got into Dennis Lehane after reading a couple of his books Gone Baby GOne and A Drink Before The War. I have also Read Flashpoint by Linda Barnes and currently i'm on Lie Down With THe Devil. Then i might go back to Lehane with Mystic River or try Tess Gerritsen's THe Surgeon. I am also a writer, so it is always nice to a find a good fictional mystery novel set in Boston. I hope that the story I'm working on will trun out great.

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