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Spectacular building

Carpundit is just loving the newly redone John Adams Courthouse (for you viewers at home, you can see it in the opening credits for "Boston Legal"):

... The only failing of the renovators, I think, was in their failing to secure permission to raze Center Plaza, which hides the courthouse from the city. Like City Hall and the JFK Federal Building, Center Plaza is an architectural insult that detracts from the city's old beauty. ...


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I was just up there myself -- took some photos, too (see the link on my name). The funny thing is that when I went to get sworn in, I saw no one at the security gate. I walked extra-slow through the metal detector so it would go off, but no one came. So I waltzed right into the clerk's office. I suppose there might be another security gate before you can get to the SJC's chambers, but you would think the court that handed down the Goodridge decision would have a tad more security?

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