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Arrest made in Ka-Carlos double murder

Boston Police report arresting Emmanuel DePina, 26, for the murder of Manuel Monteiro, 47, a chef at Ka-Carlos Bar and Grille in Uphams Corner and of Jovany Eason, 20, on a nearby street.

Police say a fight that started in the restaurant shortly after 1 a.m. on Aug. 2 spilled into the street outside and that Monteiro, inside the restaurant, was killed by a shot from outside. Eason was found dead around the corner from the restaurant. A third victim got himself to Boston Medical Center with a leg wound.

Police say DePina turned himself in this morning on the urging of his family members.

In a statement, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office says Monteiro actually tried to defuse the brewing dispute and that he wound up dying from a bullet meant for Eason:

Manuel Monteiro stood by the window that was in the line of fire. He was simply standing there as a bullet meant for Eason shattered the window and ripped through his chest.

Complete statement, which details the prosecution's basic account of what happened that night.

Innocent, etc.



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