'Hyper-local web-print start-up in eastern Massachusetts'

Somebody's looking to hire an editor and a reporter.

Welcome to the area, whoever you are.




Odd that it's so broad

Odd that the job postings don't mention a city/town, for a company that is trying to fill positions that are "hyper-local" and that requires people to live "in the coverage area".

Is it "Boston"? If so, how is that "hyper-local"? It's 41 square miles big.

Oh, maybe I should ask these questions to them?

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I can understand companies

I can understand companies not wanting to give away all sorts of info in ads but I hate ads like this. For starters your right, maybe the hyper local is on the Cape or it could be the North Shore. Maybe I can not afford to live in Newton for 35,000 a year or maybe I do not want to live in Lowell. There are too many variables in play.

On the other hand I can understand their reluctance to tip off the competition...

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