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Strong supporter of BU biolab now runs for city council against it

The Daily Free Press reports on the change of heart by at-large City Council candidate Ego Ezedi, who once told opponents the lab would be built whether they liked it or not, but who now says he opposes it because of safety concerns.

Third Decade, who always opposed the project, is annoyed:

... It's changes of position (and tepid acknowledgment of those changes) like this that make me skeptical of politics and politicians in general. OK, so now you're opposed to the biolab...kind of. What's next? What do you propose as a solution for the community which you would like to elect you to office? If elected, how do we know that you won't change position again? ...


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has anyone noticed that Tomas Gonzalez, whose website lists a stint as "Director of Community Outreach; BU Medical School," also lobbied for the bio lab while employed at BU?

what is his position now? Does he still support it?

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His name is "Ego" and he flip flops on issues. He sounds qualified to run with the lot of them.

who and the what now?

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