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When they start shooting frickin' laser beams, we'll know we're really in trouble

Channel 5 alerts us that at least one swimmer down on the Cape seemed determined to recreate the Jaws poster:

... "[The shark] sensed that swimmer in the water from a quarter of a mile away. And we all know that sharks have these extra-sensory ways of seeking their prey and this was visual proof to me," Breen said. ..

In other menacing news, Channel 5 also reports a rogue manhole cover attacked several cars on Rte. 2 in Lincoln this morning.


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You got city hands, Mr. Hooper. Been counting money all your life.

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The sharks routinely visit the area, drawn by a sizeable gray sea population.

Researchers said the last time a great white attacked a human was in 1936 in Buzzards Bay.

Swimming is prohibited at North Beach, Lighthouse Beach, South Beach and Andrew Harding’s Lane in Chatham.

Interesting, but nothing to panic about. Must be a slow news month, did they run out of things that can kill you already this year?

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Forget the sharks, all it takes is a good pogy year and we get the dreaded TOE SNACKING BLUEFISH along the area beaches!

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