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Where I'm next appearing

I'll be a judge in Brigham's Wicked Boston Accent Contest at the New England Home Show at the World Trade Center on Thursday (the judging starts at 6:30 p.m., be sure to allow plenty of time to get a good seat and for photo ops and autographs).

Why me? Brighams thought up the contest to promote its new Wicked Chocolate ice cream; they found my via Wicked Good Guide to Boston English via the Miracle of the Internets.

I and the other three judges (somebody from Brigham's, somebody from the Home Show and somebody who apparently is a Trained Professional Linguist) will select a winna from among 10 finalists. As the rules note:

All decisions of judges are final.

To which I can only add: Bwa-ha-ha! BWA-HA-HA! OK, OK, I'll be stern, but fair. I also note this official rule:

Finalists and grand prize winner assume all liability for any injuries or damages caused or claimed by his or her participation in the contest and/or as a result of the acceptance and/or use of any prize and releases from any such liability Brigham's, Inc. and its agencies.

So I'm really hoping nobody strains their throat or falls off the stage while discoursing on Haymahket or Mahblehead or whateva.


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What's a transplant doing judging native accents!?!?

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Sorry, couldn't resist.

I guess I'm like a botanist studying exotic flora far from home :-).

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And the winna is ...
It was tough, but at the Wicked Good Boston Accent competition, we (me and the three other judges) chose the guy below (first name Spike; last name lost to my sieve of a min

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