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Has Michael Flaherty lost one of his children?

A recent political mass mailing from Michael Flaherty has a charming photo of him, his wife, and three of his kids, with this text above it (emphasis added):

A husband, father and lifelong rsident of Boston, Michael is a graduate of Boston College Law School, Boston College, and Boston University School of Law. Michael and his wife Laurene have four children, three of whom attend the Boston Public Schools.

Um, OK, so just out of curiosity, what about child number four?

Someone out to tell Flaherty that you don't get to pull the old "Use your family as a political prop" trick and leave out one of the children.

What's the scoop?

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Without knowing another about the situation, I'd guess his last child attends college out of state

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Yep. Flaherty's fourth is much older, college age or beyond.

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The kid is under the age of 5 and not in school yet, maybe?

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is being taught at home while s/he recovers from a tragic mixer accident?

(I'm going to hell.)

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