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Boston firefighter alleges police brutality

A Boston firefighter [Wayne Abron] who alleged police brutality after cops charged him with assaulting his girlfriend [Edwinna Wynn] was acquitted yesterday after a jury trial that raised questions about a potential cover-up by the arresting officers.

Boston Police Internal Affairs has been investigating whether officers Brian Dunford and David Santosuosso beat firefighter Wayne Abron and then made up a story to explain his injuries, as the jake alleged.


The cops claimed Abron got roughed up earlier in the night by the father of Wynn’s child, a story that prosecutors did not provide evidence to support. What’s more, [Abron’s attorney, Neil] Tassel said Wynn’s ex lives out of state and was not in town at the time.

Read more at The Boston Herald, "Beaten firefighter’s acquittal bolsters cover-up claim" by Jessica Van Sack

One question the story does not answer is whether BPD Internal Affairs has been investigating the incident since it occurred March 23, 2008 per Universal Hub here and here or since Wayne Abron was acquitted of the charges, September 21, 2009.

From "BEHIND THE BLUE WALL" we have these earlier sources describing the incident:

Abron's mother, Fannie Abron, a retired BPD dispatcher, said she was with her son and his girlfriend during their argument and "there was no physical contact." She said she saw an officer sit on her son and slam his head repeatedly into the ground until "he went limp."... Abron, a 17-year veteran of the BFD, said he blacked out, and that a doctor diagnosed him with an eye socket injury, a thumb sprain and facial contusions. "I was pepper-sprayed. I remember being beaten from behind and I don't remember anything from the time I was at my mom's til the time I woke up in the hospital," Abron said. Police reports state Abron has an active restraining order against him. Abron said he and a former girlfriend filed restraining orders against each other 14 years ago but he insisted neither is active. The Suffolk District Attorney's Office declined to comment, and the BPD released a statement saying: "The BPD investigates any and all complaints that are formally filed regarding officer misconduct."

A diary on Blue Mass Group asks the question, "[W]ill D.A. Dan "Search and Avoid" Conley bring criminal charges against the officers?"



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I have just seen this ,and let me tell you people something you have no idea , what Wayne Abron was put his daughters mother through.He has caused her some many injuries including breaking her nose and breaking her ankle and then spilting her head open ...and this guy is still on the Fire Dept. He has a LONG history of abuse and I do not understand why he is still walking the streets !!! Now he wants to cry about getting beaten up when he has been doing it to her for so long !!!
The Fire Dept. nows all about his history , yet they still keep him employed ? why There have been several restaining orders on him from several different woman including his daughters mother . I know them personally and I hope that if he does win some sort of law-suit , that she writes a book .How you can do all those things and have a long record of restraiting arrest ,A&B ,domestic volience and still be on the Fire Department . Did the DA even look at his record ? He should be in jail !!!! You people do not know his history !!!!

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Are you saying it was ok for officers Brian Dunford and David Santosuosso to beat Wayne because Wayne's a bad guy? I don't know if you're right about him being a bad guy but I do know cops are not allowed to give you a beating because of prior bad acts.

The article says 14 years ago Wayne and his then girlfriend each took out a restraining order on the other. Beyond that it doesn;t mention anything like you do.

Even bad guys have the right to not get beaten down during an arrest.

The court decided he was not guilty.

The cops say he already had the injuries but that looks like a lie. So why do the cops want everyone to think they didn't beat him?

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I am saying that you do not know these people personally , I do .It has not been 14 years since he abused his daughters mother , Last time was just a few months ago when he put his hands on her.I told her to go to the police and she was afraid too. You do not know his history , It's real sad when a man can get away with abuse. He has had several restaining orders against him from different woman and perhaps the police knew of the address and the history . He lied about alot of things that happened that night . To bad the DA or police department did not contact his ex-girlfriend because I can tell you he would have been charged . He has a really bad temper and I have always told his ex to stay away from him , once he got away with hitting her , it just got worse and worse . City worker that does not even want to pay child support , perhaps if he wins a law suit maybe then he'll pay it ! Hey Boston Fire Department perhaps you should drug test him , You just might might find something .(hint) (hint)

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