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Roslindale to get jazz bar and cafe

At least, that's what the signs now say on the front of the old NuVo on Washington Street (across from the Dunkin' Donuts). According to EveryBlock, the new place got a restaurant license on Sept. 30, under the name Jazz Cafe.

So this newly uncovered Gusto sign seen today is probably just in the process of getting taken down:

Con much Gusto?
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I clicked on this hoping for news of the sub station. But I'll take this as an alternative bit of good news. Gusto was fantastic, never tried NuVo as its run coincided with a heavy diaper changing phase. Now the spot just looks sad, so getting another restaurant in there, especially if hip and sophisticated would be great.

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I was excited to hear about a Jazz Cafe up the street from me... but I now find out there will be NO music at the Jazz Cafe. Another dud!!

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