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Joan Vennochi proves she doesn't look at her own Web site; also ignores US history

Vennochi goes after "Ernie Boch III," the not-the-car-dealer trying to organize a boycott of Howie Carr's advertisers:

The blogosphere opened up the public conversation to new, thoughtful voices, but it should not provide a shield to hide biases and private agendas.

Oh, excuse me, Miss High and Mighty.

Have you discussed this with the managers of boston.com, whose article forums often consist of anonymous headache-inducing ranting that seeks to blame everything on Obama, right down to a mugging in Jamaica Plain? Have you asked your bosses to pull Globe reporters out of sports talk shows that feature anonymous call-ins? Have you ever considered, oh, the biases and private agendas of bylined reporters at major news organizations that, say, helped get us into Iraq?

And have you no sense of the role played by anonymous writers in creating the United States? You know, the collective that called itself Publius? They certainly had biases and private agendas. Yet the US might not exist had it not been for their anonymous "posts."

While he probably shouldn't have stolen a public figure's monicker, it's not like EBIII is calling himself "fair and balanced" or something. He has a clear agenda: He hates Howie Carr (he also hates Suffolk County DA Dan Conley).

I'd almost think Venocchi is just acting out because nobody's told her who Ernie Boch III is.

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from "a city hall official with knowledge of the matter" or one of those "inside sources who requested anonymity for fear of retaliation", etc. who are quoted so often in the Globe and Herald these days.

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Adam I think the problem here is the use of a well known person's name even if it is followed by a III. Otherwise this person can remain anonymous. But we both know no one would have heard of this blogger if he/she didn't use Ernie's name. I know a little about the law and a case can be made here for slander. How would you like a blogger to write stuff in your name?

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Gee, somebody's taking this a bit personal.

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