Doesn't the governor normally only announce bad news on Friday afternoons?

Is there something we need to know about the five people announced this afternoon as board members of the new mega Department of Transportation that will oversee everything that moves in the state starting Monday?

In any case, here they are, along with descriptions supplied by the state:

John R. Jenkins, a Natick resident, will serve as Chair of the MassDOT Board and was a former Massachusetts Turnpike Authority Board member. He is President of West Insurance Agency, Inc.

Professor Andrew Whittle, a geotechnical engineer, currently serves as Department Head of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology's Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Whittle is a resident of Boxborough.

Elizabeth Levin, a resident of Boston, is President of Liz Levin & Company, a management consulting company that serves the transportation, design and environment community.

Ferdinand Alvaro is Partner-in-Charge of the Adorno & Yoss LLP Boston office and Co-Chair of the National Business Law Group. He previously served on the board of directors of the MBTA. Alvaro is a resident of Marblehead.

Janice Loux, a resident of Williamstown, is the first female president of UNITE HERE! Local 26, representing more than 6,300 hotel and food service workers in metropolitan Boston and was a member of the board of directors of the MBTA for 12 years under five governors.


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here's 2 quick reasons why

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here's 2 quick reasons why they buried it at 4pm on a Friday:
1. the legislation mandates that members of this board possess transportation policy experience, transportation finance experience, and one certified engineer. Janice Loux has none. John Jenkins has none. This is a slap in the face of the legislature and one that calls for a response.

2. so much for reform, when you reappoint Janice Loux for 4 more years after serving on the T board for TWELVE YEARS. Jenkins was on the Pike board for a few years and Alvaro on the T board for two. Hardly a new day in Massachusetts Transportation

Frankly its surprising that someone who can speak at a railroad and transportation conference would be so out of touch with transportation policy in his home state. Not to mention the fact that the perpetual sophomoric snark on all things transit in this state does absolutely nothing to move the conversation forward or acknowledge changes.

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It was also announced that

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It was also announced that the new head of the Mass Transit division of the new MassDOT, the division that will oversee the MBTA, will be......Bill Mitchell, the present acting GM of the MBTA. Not much change there either.

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All of the "DOT Division

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All of the "DOT Division Administrators" are carry overs with new job titles. At least for Mass Transit, the guy has only been an executive for a few months, the others have been running their individual agencies for years now.

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