Suffolk students prove they can behave as badly as the ones at Northeastern, BU and BC reports on a trifecta of out-of-control parties in the North End, including one on Halloween at 224 Hanover St.:

... College students were throwing bottles and cans down to the street. The police initially had difficulty gaining access when a male dressed in a baby's outfit refused to open the door. BPD eventually gained access and the officers detained 15-20 Suffolk university students. There probably were more at the party which had dispersed as the police entered. ...




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This is why I moved in less than seven months.

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I rented in the North End several years ago. I moved onto what appeared, and I was told, was a quiet street and private park in August. By October I was looking for a new home. I broke my lease in less than seven months, paid the penalty (two months rent) and moved out to escape the students who arrived in September. The street echoed with their parties and was filthy with their trash. I loved some of the markets and the convenience to work but the North End and some areas of Beacon Hill are so overrun with out of control students I don't think I can ever go back.

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