Danvers tells lawyer she's pretty meeped up

When New York lawyer Theodora Michaels read about the meeping ban at Danvers High School, she wanted to do something. After careful and diligent consideration, she sat down at her computer and sent an e-mail message to several Danvers school officials that read, in its entirety:


Michaels reports she got back a reply saying her note had been turned over to Danvers Police.

... Gee, I'm scared -- maybe the Danvers police will come to NYC to arrest me! I guess they'll also try to extradite people who (I'm guessing) sent emails from other countries. We can be charged with . . . what, first degree meeping? ...

Via Bostonist.


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I put the Meep thing up on Face Book

A message from an old high school chum who is now a high school principal:

"Now that's a real effective discipline plan there Danvers! Great use of police resources, too!"

When others in your field, particularly ones who have recently made controversial policies, are sarcastic and derisive of your actions, that's a good clue that you are being an ineffectual and self-important jerk.

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NPR gives a meep

"All Things Considered reported on this this past Saturday night, interviewing a real live Danvers student:

A sample from the transcript:
RAZ: Why are students at Danvers using the word meep?

Mr. SPIEWAK: Well, it started off as, you know, just being a little joke between friends.

RAZ: Well, did you pick it up from Beaker or the Road Runner?

Mr. SPIEWAK: No. Actually, my friend Alex, he picked it up on Xbox LIVE. He was in a party with a couple of kids playing Call of Duty last year. One of the kids that were in the party, you know, he said meep and, you know, Alex picked it up and we started using it.

RAZ: So, what are a few examples of how you would use the word meep?

Mr. SPIEWAK: Well, you can just say meep being a one-word sentence. You can say how the meep are you? Shut the meep up.

RAZ: Now, that sounds like a substitute for another word, a not-so-friendly word that some of our listeners might be familiar with.

"Never write if you can speak; never speak if you can nod; never nod if you can wink"-- and the Eliot Spitzer codicil -- "never put it in e-mail."

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You kids

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Doesn't anyone use "smurf" as an all-purpose word anymore?

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Better Yet

Asked to leave and pursue other interests. I'd bet that the cops are just thrilled to receive "carbon copies" of emails saying MEEP or MEEP YOU and nothing more. They live for this, I'm sure.

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