If you received your recent notice from the assessing department, did your home's assessment:


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Unscientific poll. I think people are lying! Why would mine go up, South End owner since 2006.

Who's lying?

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Who's lying, the Assessing Dept or the homeowners? I've been a homeowner in Roxbury since 2004 and my assessment increased by more than 10% between this year and last year.

Reasons for going up

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The city pushed the envelope last year to keep residential values low and commercial values high - it was an election year and businesses don't vote. It was not a revaluation year so the city didn't have the state looking over their shoulder - this year is a revaluation year and the city has to meet certain parameters. Also - you could have renovated a kitchen bath etc which affects your assessment. Bottom line - the city uses mostly a statistical formula in off years - they look much more closely at sales, home condition and other factors in revaluation years and it typically causes substantial changes in the assessments - individual and aggregate. Keep in mind values are as of Jan 1, 2009 and most downtown neighborhoods have been fairly stable and may have been adjusted too far down and need to be brought back up.

All these polls are unscientific - just curious and comparing it to other research I've done on sales v. assessed values it appears that residential assessed values will decline about 3% across the city and commercial values will decliine about 7.5%. This means that the average tax on residents will increase about 9% - although of course that will vary by property. That would mean the rate would go from about 10.67 to a little below $12 (so even if your assessment went down you should expect a tax increase).

Caution - this is anecdotal. I FOIA-ed the detailed info twice from the city and they won't release it. I could give you an exact answer with that info - but can't get it. Personally from what I see I don't expect the state to change the residential values much. I would have a question about commercial values - for example every large building I checked was down 7-11% - 60 State, Hancock, Pru and several others. As we know commercial values are down 30-40%. Assessing methodology doesn't measure sales value, but there is usually some correlation so I look at these numbers with "hopeful doubt" that the state will approve them.