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Eating Taiwanese food with a Taiwanese friend in Allston

FoodieMommy reports on a trip to JoJo Taipei on Brighton Avenue in Allston with a friend from Taiwan:

JoJo Taipei is exactly the type of restaurant I love to discover. Inexpensive, casual, warm, friendly, and, best of all, serving food that you would be hard pressed to find elsewhere. ...

We Taiwan on in Roslindale.

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Now I'm hungry.

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Jo Jo Taipei also has the best local version of that pinnacle of Taiwanese cuisine: ??? (chou-dou-fu) smelly tofu. Theirs isn't quite like the night markets of Taipei, but it's a lot easier to get.

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And it's pretty good actually and but I generally like that dish. The best I've had was at a small place in Flushing, NY. I actually couldn't find it when I was in mainland China.

In general Jo Jo Tai Pei is just kind of meh. The service is lousy (a waitress actually got mad we only wanted water instead of drinks) and the food is good but not great. I liked Wisteria a lot better when they had a storefront were on Cambridge St. You can still find it at the Super88 food court though.

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