Time to fire Ron Borges?

Bruce at Boston Sports Media Watch co-authors a detailed post on why the Globe must get rid of Borges:

... Boston Globe football writer Ron Borges, the Broadsheet Bully, believes fans dislike him because he expresses unpopular positions and because he challenges the New England Patriots organization and its management at a time when the franchise is hugely successful and popular.

This is simply not true.

Football fans dislike Borges because he’s wrong about virtually everything, he lacks basic journalistic standards and he uses his forum with the Boston Globe to bully his subjects, especially those whom he personally dislikes, while currying the favor of his inside sources. In fact, there are many reasons why Borges is perhaps the most unpopular sports reporter in America. There are many reasons, in other words, why Borges should be fired. ...

My standard newspaper disclosure.


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These are stupid worthless people with no lives

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And they shouldn't be given the time of day

What one should do when they encounter a blogger like those on Boston Sports Media Watch

1 - Challenge them to a face to face meeting...As Pete Sheppard says, "They'll say they hate you over the phone but then they'll run into you and it's 'I love you Pete'" This also is true for the internet geeks

2 - Mock the fact that you get paid and they don't. After all the net geeks are really upset that this is their dream and your doing it.

3 - Say you were at a party with someone famous, can get into Heff's House, played golf with Flutie, etc. Fantasy Camp things you guys get that these idiots want. Laugh at them and their pathetic lives at their pathetic cubicles...Laugh some more.

4 - Ask them to try and get a job in the field. It's not easy....That's pretty clear. Then tell them to try doing it after burning down all the bridges they've burnt down by ripping every member in the field over the last few years.

And finally why everyone should laugh at the bloggers like Boston Sports Media Watch

1 - In a few weeks people like Pete Sheppard and Glen Ordway will broadcast live from media row at Super Bowl XL in Detroit and they won't.

2 - Pete Sheppard and Glen Ordway were ON THE FIELD after the Red Sox beat the St. Louis Cardinals to win the 2004 World Series

Also on the field during the Postgame

- Kelly Barons
- Jimmy Fallon
- Greg Dickerson
- Bill Burt
- Jeannie Zelasko

According to them, Barons was only there because she gave Dr. Charles head, Fallon has no talent, Dickerson wears more makeup than Liza Minelli, Burt is a clueless loser, and Zelasko a blonde blimbo. Of course they all are far more qualified, or at least FEEL that way. Just another example of the bitter throwing stones for others who are actually accomplishing what they want to do in life.

3 - In a few weeks Steve Silva of Boston Dirt Dogs will head down to Spring Training and actually file reports for BOSTON.COM. A website with an actual purpose in the world of Sports Media. Meanwhile Pats67 will cry out that Dennis and Callahan's Manny Ramirez Spring Traning coverage is unwarranted thinking they know something about what the people really want to listen too. Obviously they haven't seen the ratings books lately.

4 - Despite a recent email attack to get Ron Borges fired, Ron Borges not only has his job but has a job writing for MSNBC and is still on the Patriots Pre and Post Game Shows. Throw some drive time on ESPN Radio's Drive Time with Michael Felger and Borges is laughing all the way to the bank. Even Felger who would go toe to toe with Borges on Channel 4's Sports Final in the past came to Felger's defense telling the web geeks to "get a grip".

5 - After that failed attack the webgeeks on the Boston Sports Media Website went back to calling it's critics "chicken$%#%ers" and mocking Glen Ordway on the day when WEEI announced the highest ratings they've ever gotten in the history of the station.

6 - Even in the failed media coupe Allen and the BSMWers couldn't even get the support of the ultra liberal Boston Phoenix Media Blog. If you can't win the freebie paper that's endorsed by the Commies, you ain't winning any battles with the big boys.

7 - Bruce Allen and his Internet Geeks trash sports caller personallities like Al From Everett and Frank from Gloucester for being suck up's and pathetic get a lifers. Man it really takes one to know one doesn't it. The only difference is that Al From Everett owns a successful Boston buisness that benefits from his time on air and that Frank is the most popular man at WEEI events, even moreso than the hosts themselves. The fact that he's about 80, retired and his life consists of calling into sports talk radio and going to strip clibs, I believe that it's pretty damn clear that this is the life the low life pathetic net geeks only dream about.

8 - Allen actually believes he's unbiased completely supporting the Dale Arnold Show while completely ignoring the fact that he's getting a paycheck directly from the Boston Bruins organization. Notice how the man refuses to blame Sinden, O'Connell and Jacobs for the teams problems instead focusing directly on Hal Gill and Pete Sheppard. When it comes to hockey, yes...Pete Sheppard is right on the money when it comes to being objectionable. Which is hard for those at Allen's Sports Media Site to believe because they all think he's a moron.

9 - It's not like Curt Schlling is offering opinions and seeking advice on the site. He does that on Sons of Sam Horn. Bruce Allen is still very upset that Schilling and John W. Henry converse on these sites and still they aren't given credibility as a sports source. "But if you go to one forum, you have to do them all" says Allen crying like a little baby that just wet his Pampers. He still hasn't gotten over that fact, never has and never will. That isn't to say that the folks on Sons of Sam Horn have credibility as they flat out refuse to knock Schilling for anything since the day they lured him to Boston. Still though, that site unlike Allen's made a difference and he can't get over it

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