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Mitt Romney hates you

Steve: Everytime he opens his mouth, he becomes more repulsive.

Steve is referring to a Romney speech in Utah in which the Utah resident Massachusetts governor said American prestige abroad will suffer because of us Massachusetts liberals.

Dan: So, see ya, Mitt:

... And here's a distinctly minority point of view: if Romney leaves early and Kerry Healey gets to become governor, she's going to make folks forget her predecessor in about two weeks. (I mean that in a good way.)

SCO summarizes the Mittster's presidential stump speech:

  1. Introduction by local GOP chair who jokes about how terrible it must be to live in Massachusetts.
  2. Joke by Romney about how he's never seen so many Republicans in one place before.
  3. Romney takes credit for "turnaround" of the state economy.
  4. Hero worship of Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush.
  5. Republican social red meat: Religion is awesome, stem cell research is bad, gay marriage is really really bad.

Of course, you have to wonder when Massachusetts Republicans are going to get tired of being the butt of Romney's out-of-state jokes. ...

Carpundit: Mitt Romney is a horrible governor:

... He is disloyal to our Commonwealth. He insults his own constituents. And he travels the country speaking hate. ...


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Nobody who cared about Massachusetts would stand for it.

By the looks of things I`d say Massachusetts is just the road to something better.

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That Mitt Romney is getting creepier by the day!!

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Let's see, what are some countries that allow gay marriage? The Netherlands ... Sweden .. Denmark ... parts of Canada. All of which command much more respect abroad today than the US under the Bush maladministration.

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Thanks for an eloquent, articulate and accurate picture, Ron. Way to go!!

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I grew up in MA (Framingham, in fact), lived here most of my life (spent a couple of years abroad). I presently live in Cambridge.

Mitt represents a very much more moderate version of my view of our degenerate state.

MA _deserves_ to be the butt of jokes - it's become it's own self-parody. The atheistic, moral relative, marxist deconstruction that passes for "progressive ideas" in MA is a threat to America - same-sex marriage is just one instance of a greater problem.

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