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Need good hospital care in Boston? St. Elizabeth's is *NOT* the place to get it!

St. E's recently gave my wife mediocre care in their ER, then withheld her test results from her primary care physician for nine days, then lied, evaded and falsely blamed my wife's PCP when I wrote to them and complained.

Here is the first complaint I sent them, in which I made it clear that all I wanted them to do was admit that they screwed up and explain what they were going to do to prevent similar screwups in the future. Also, in that letter I suggested this change to their billboard:


Here is the second letter I sent them, in response to the completely appalling response they sent me.

It is worth noting that this incident has prompted my wife's PCP to decide to recommend to her patients against using the St. E's emergency room, despite the fact that she is affiliated with St. E's and teaches there.


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