Videobloggers come together; JP to get Globe Pulse Point


Aaron Hurley discusses what's wrong with Rocketboom and volunteers to help local videobloggers with their editing techniques - as he blends in with a Marimekko print (Abby has more photos).

About 20 videobloggers, new-media types, documentary makers and community journalism fans, some from as far away as Worcester and Merrimack, NH, gathered at Sweet Finnish this morning to begin building a local video effort, under the general auspices of Node 101. Steve Garfield of Off on a Tangent described an attempt both to improve the work of local vloggers and to show other folks that doing video is no longer a complex technical task.

The next meeting is this coming Sunday at 10 a.m., also at Sweet Finish, where Hurley and Serra Shifflett will lead a discussion on video editing.

Tim Wright, a JP documentary maker, said he's looking forward to learning how to turn around video as quickly as folks such as Garfield does. He added he'd love to revive something he did in the 1980s: JP Newsreels, in which local people doing interesting things were given cameras to film them to be turned into short features (only now he'd do it with digital video instead of the Super 8 cameras he used back then).

Michael Oh of Tech Superpowers said Sweet Finnish would soon become the Boston Globe's fourth Pulse Point. Pulse Points offer a way for anybody within reach of their Wi-Fi access points to watch videos, hear music and download other materials at wicked fast speeds (they are not actually connected to the Internet, so nobody out of range can reach them).

Oh said the basic idea is to build community around the Pulse Points (the other ones are at South Station, on Newbury Street and at Roxbury Crossing), letting users create and upload their own videos and stories about the area around the points (using Drupal). He said his long-term idea is to build a distribution network so that all the Pulse Points can share these files.

Yes, I write a more or less weekly column for the Globe; no, I don't have anything to do with Pulse Points.




Yay Aaron!

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What a cute picture! I love it! I can't wait until he gets home to show him that he's now famous! Thanks so much for covering everything so completely. By the time I got the info on everyone and my pictures organized and uploaded, most of the day was gone already! Great to meet you, Adam. See you 'round.

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More proof it's always a good idea to take tons of pictures - when you get home, you'll discover one like that that just is really cool :-).

It was nice to meet you guys, too!

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