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FleetCenter renamed to Boston Garden!

... for the day, anyway. From the front page of FleetCenter.com :

Meet the Farkers

Delaware North Companies, owner and operator of Boston's FleetCenter, announced today that they have reached agreement with Drew Curtis on a naming rights deal to re-name the world-class sports and entertainment arena the 'Boston Garden'. After several less than appropriate name choices from Drew, the approved name selection was one we could all agree on. Drew, who lives in Kentucky, is the founder of a popular website which offers up offbeat news stories and posts to its community members -- TotalFarkers. The deal will both go into effect and expire on Monday, February 28, 2005.

Also check out the "Boston Garden" logo at the top of that page.

Too bad there's no event scheduled there today.

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They could do that with other things for a day:

Imagine getting off at the Scollay Square station and walking over to Jordan Marsh ...

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