Your late afternoon snow report

Snowy house

Bateman Street, Roslindale.

Ana: And now it actually feels like winter.

Peter: Finally some snow.

Jay finds the snow warming:

... One good thing about a big snow storm is that my normally banging and rattling circa 1910 windows are silent this morning. They're now held snugly in place by the gentle build up of white stuff on sills, eliminating drafts and making the apartment cozy warm. ...

John Keith comes out in favor of arresting TV weather forecasters for panicking the less astute among us. Hmm, such as grinning Pete Bouchard who, referring to the last bands of snow over Orange (Orange?) said, "the end is near - no, I'm not talking about Armegeddon"?

Snow in Roslindale.

Snow in Somerville.

Snow in the South End.

Dogs in the snow.

Jen Stewart enjoys the walk to Mass:

... Including myself and the priest, I'd say there were probably 20 - 25 people attending. Can't say I blame anyone for being a no show -- I certainly wouldn't want to drive in that snow. But walking? Not so bad. Kind of enjoyable, actually. ...

Georgia Lyle says let it snow:

... I love snowstorms that have the power to make me feel totally alone. As a child, I would sit under a large pine tree in my yard when its limbs were weighed down by the snow. Inside was a cool, protected space, lit by the glow of sunlight through the snow and branches. It was very comfortable and quiet. ...

Alyssa Boehm takes photos and reports on the seemingly endless snow - and the TV reporters standing in it:

... And per usual the youngest rookie reporters were forced to stand outside in the blizzard to give us reports. Snow is white and cold. Also the snow was too fluffy to pack into snowballs or to make snowmen. Children were disappointed. Dogs, less so.

We've shoveled like three different times. I had to take a nap from shoveling exhaustion. When it is like 14 degrees outside and you work up a sweat from shoveling, you need a cinnamon roll and a nap stat. ...

Your mid-day snow report


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C'mon down to the boonies

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Things are a bit different down here in Rozzie :-).

Actually, one of the problems is not the streets, but the school parking lots and access roads.

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OK, the real reason

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Which I'd completely forgotten about: It's not the streets so much as the sidewalks. Last year, there was at least one storm after which the schools were open, but kids had to walk in the streets because property owners didn't clean their sidewalks by the next day (remember the kids hit by the pickup on the VFW Parkway?).

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