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Expect delays on the D Line during Memorial Day weekend

If you're staying in town for the long Memorial Day Weekend, you'll want to be aware that the D Line will be out of service from Saturday through Monday night. Buses will be in service to provide transportation between Reservoir and Fenway subway stations, according to the MBTA.

The MBTA will be working on reconstruction of the Dean Street bridge during this time. The T expects to suspend service three additional times, this year.

Good news though for people who choose to pollute our environment on their way to the beach, the mountains, or the prairies. The Mass Department of Transportation has suspended all construction work during the long weekend.


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The T's construction scheduling is curious? They shut the shut the D-line down on a weekend where the Sox are home? Also, since it's a holiday, they must be paying the contractor big bucks to be working through the holiday weekend. I hope the managers chose to do this because: 1) they needed 3 whole days to totally demolish the bridge; 2) didn't want to impact commuters on a weekday; and 3) made a determination that this weekend had traditionally low rider numbers (notwithstanding the home games). I have this sneaking suspicion that these weren't the reasons though, and it seems a little ham-handed.

Speaking of the D-line construction, I took the T to work for the first time in a long time yesterday, and as we were passing under the Dean Rd. bridge, I looked out the window to see an absolute torrent of water coming down the bridge embankment and into the track area. I actually thought I had been daydreaming and had briefly thought about the debacle in Weston from a few weeks back until I looked over and saw three other people with "did you just see that?" expressions on their faces. The water volume seemed to me to be far too large to have been initiated on purpose - I thought that the contractor working on the bridge might have busted a water main. Did anyone hear anything about it?

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It seems reasonable to me that they need 3 days to demolish the old bridge and if they didn't do it this holiday weekend the next opportunity would be July 4th weekend (which is a Sunday this year)or shutting down on a regular weekday Friday or Monday to get the three days. Those options all seem worse to me than Memorial Day weekend despite the Sox games. Besides running the Reservoir-Fenway buses for all three days, they are also running special express buses direct from the large parking lot at Riverside to Kenmore for the Sox games, so they were obviously aware of the Sox games when they planned this.


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