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What Harvard wants, Harvard gets?

Harvard really doesn't want any poor people in the middle of its proposed New Harvard campus across the river in Allston. You may recall how the university secretly bought up huge parts of Allston so it could build a giant new campus and commercial area - basically centered right on the Charlesview Apartments. The Harvard Crimson reports the university has proposed carving out a five-acre piece of a nearby shopping center (which, of course, it also owns) and providing "resources" to build a replacement low-income project there.

Via Allston Brighton Community Blog.

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Soon (or at least soon as Harvard measures time) they'll be lobbying for the state to move the Pike so it's over the rail line and reconfiguring exit 18. That will be fun.

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You know what's going to be really fun? When Harvard builds out (and over the rail yards) and it gets into a full-scale war with its neighbor, BU.

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