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Looks like Back Bay Apple fans will have to keep driving to the 'burbs

Or take the T out to Cambridgeside Galleria.

The Globe reports on a meeting of the Back Bay Architectural Commission in which you can almost hear the grinding wheels in members' heads slowing to a halt because Apple has dared to propose replacing a completely non-descript two-story building with a three-story glass building right across from or near some of our city's most treasured architectural icons, such as the World's Largest Milk Carton, the Giant Sun-Blocking-Wall Convention Center and the Darth Vader Building.

Donna Prince, an alternate on the commission, acknowledged that the design was "beautiful," but that it "doesn't have a sense of place."

Ah, sense of place. Maybe Apple needs to come back with a design consisting entirely of red bricks. After all, what says "Boston place" more than bricks? With awnings, since the commissioners seemed particularly concerned about preserving the current copy shop's awnings, because, Lord knows, Boylston Street doesn't have nearly enough awnings.

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What's the Mandarin Oriental across the street going to look like?
I've seen Apple Stores. One there would be a vast improvement over the Copy Cop.

The BBAC should be flogged.

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Though they are somewhat of a fixture and something that's increasingly rare on that block: a local business with a history, they weren't responsible for the appearance of the property. As they're out of there by fall, one might want to ask one's self how much an improvement an empty storefront is.

As for Mandarin Oriental, my guess is that it'll look like everything else that's sprung up around there.

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