Catholic Charities to stop all adoptions

Associated Press: Catholic Charities to halt adoptions over issue involving gays

Domenico says Catholic Charities didn't go far enough in its statement:

We hear about the commitment to its programs and services, but nothing about commitment to the Gospel, the importance of the Church’s teachings, no effort whatsoever to use this as a teaching moment. ...

He says Catholics should continue to fight to overturn the state anti-discrimination law:

As others have pointed out, the decision by Catholic Charities in Boston to cease its campaign for an exemption from the law requiring them to allow gays to adopt from them and end adoptions altogether is not an unalloyed victory. While it is better not to participate in evil, it would be better for the Church to also stand up for good and to say that this law is unjust and needs to be repealed. ...

Steve Brady sums it up differently:

Raping children: hush!

Giving children loving homes: the Devil.

Excuse me while I go eat a big juicy piece of meat on a Lenten Friday. ...

Mass Marrier: O'Malley Takes Ball and Goes Home:

... Our POTUS-seeking governor, Willard Mitt Romney tried to gain political advantage shortly after the initial announcement. He will play to the right-wingers by filing the doomed exemption for CC -- let them break the law.

He actually said, "This is a sad day for neglected and abandoned children. It's a mistake for our laws to put the rights of adults over the needs of children."

For the rest of us, let us keep in mind who is trampling the needs of the make a pro-discrimination point. ...

Sandouri Dean Bey: Martin Luther recognized half a millennium ago that the Roman Catholic Church doesn't really read the Bible:

That Massachusetts' Catholic bishops would rather eliminate their adoption program than place children in stable loving homes with gay and lesbian families demonstrates with absolute clarity their ignorance of basic Biblical teachings. ...

David on Blue Mass. Group: Honestly, this is completely insane, isn't it?

The same Church that feels so strongly about protecting unborn children that it would sooner see a woman suffer grave physical damage, or bear a rapist's child, than allow a pregnancy to be terminated, would sooner see an already-born child languish in foster care than be placed with two people who desperately want to give that child a loving home. ...

Carpundit: Further Proof the Archdiocese of Boston Hates Children.

Jay Fitzgerald says somebody should have blinked:

... The church did seek a compromise. The state refused. No counterproposals on either side. None. The word 'immoral' is being slung around a lot. It deserves to be applied to both sides if the word is logically to be used. After all, isn't this all about the kids, as so many of the self-righteous on both sides claim? ...


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Evil? Gay adoption is evil?

Domenico said allowing gay adoption is participating in evil? That's just off the wall. Flat-out insane. Evil is killing people. Evil is rape. Or, come to think of it, child molestation. Or even lying to cover-up child molestation. Gay adoption isn't evil.

Even if you oppose it, calling it evil betrays your insanity, Dom.

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Ugly dogma

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This is where my Catholic faith and the Catholic church diverge. For years I haven't been able to reconcile the teaching I learned from CCD teachers who explained that (the Catholic) God loves everyone equally, without retribution and what the church is espousing today. Now there is a march to protect "all that is is holy" from "those" sinning gays. Ptoooooooooey! Look, the church can tell its faithful what is the right way to live. It's the same for Orthodox Jews who keep two kitchens and walk to temple on Saturdays. It is part of the dogma, no matter how ugly it may be. And what is a religious tenet is unique to that religion. If the Catholic Church thinks gays and lesbians are sinners, fine.

Far be it from me to impune a certain practice within a ceremony, sacrament or rite. But adoption isn't a religious rite. Adoption is a secular family matter. The state is right not to exempt Catholic Charities for its religious dogma as it relates to a secular operation. What's next? Will Catholic schools disenroll children of same-sex couples? Will Catholic hospitals turn away sick gay and lesbian people? Not birth babies of same-sex couples?

Will Catholic hospitals then also deny medical care to divorced people, as it supposedly does the Eucharist? Will it turn away unwed mothers in active labor because she conceived their child in "sin?" Will the schools do the same, and expel its pregnant students and the students of divorced parents?

I can't see ardently and actively sidelining gay and lesbian couples under the guise of church teachings without also doing the same for anyone who is divorced or never married. Because as far as I have been taught, unless a marriage is annulled by the Pope a divorce is a civil matter; and any "relations" after the divorce but before an aullment are extra-marital in the church's eyes and therefore in violation of a commandment.

So, if the Boston Archdiocese, and the greater Catholic Church, is so concerned about adhering to church doctrine vis a vis same-sex couples, it should apply all its doctrines equaly lest it be considered a hypocrite. And as the Bible teaches: Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

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