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Ah, Gerlando's

Back in the day, Andraste used to avoid the sun at the long-gone Gerlando's. She recalls the day she had to punch out some white trash there. Did it with just one punch:

... She went flying into the jukebox, her boyfriend grabbed me and said, "don't hit her." I said, "Bit late, don't you think?" ...


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Thanks for the link guys! But, alas and oh dear...you've let me in for it. An anonymous commenter just came by and blamed ME for turning Allston into a student 'ghetto.'

Hey, it was that way when I found it!

For the record, I LOVED Allston and I LOVED Gerlando's. I spent a lot of years in that area, paid ridiculously inflated rents, contributed to the economy, voted in local elections, and cleaned up after myself when I left.

Anyone who wants to bemoan the fact of Allston being a student ghetto should take it up with the absentee landlords and property management companies.

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